Forest Green 2.85mm PLA filament - 1kg/2.2lbs
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Forest Green 2.85mm PLA filament - 1kg/2.2lbs

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Brand: Chroma-Line
Product Code: PLA285FOR-1KG
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Translucent Orange PLA filament.

Produced in the U.S with only the purest Naturework Resin, extruded to a perfect round filament with less than 0.03mm diameter variation. Enhanced with bold and fully opaque Forest Green pigments. 1kg spool, vacuum sealed with desiccant.

Material Specifications
Diameter 2.85mm
Diameter - Nominal 1.72mm
Diameter - Stability 0.03mm
Color Forest Green
Material PLA (Polylactic Acid)
Material - Resin NatureWorks 4043D
Origin - Manufacturing U.S.A
Additional Info Biodegradable and CO2 neutral.
Printing Requirements
Extrusion Temperature 180ºC - 230ºC
Bed Preparation Glass, Kapton, Blue Painter Tape.
Heated Bed 60ºC - 80ºC [optional]
Material Weight 1kg (2.2lbs)
Shipping Weight 1.3kg (3.1lbs)

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