Multicolor Gradient 1.75mm PLA filament / 0.75kg
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Multicolor Gradient 1.75mm PLA filament / 0.75kg

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Product Code: PLAX175MUL-0.75KG
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Mullicolored PLA filament, 1.75mm / spool of 0.75kg.

This material show smooth color transittions across the color spectrum. Each spool has different transitions  / each print will be different.   Tired of a single colors, printing decorative items or just want to experiment with something new ?  This is the material for you!  As each spool is different we can't guarantee a specific set of colors or transitions but if you have a preference for a color and for example prefer red over green please leave a note with your order and we'll see that we get you the best match.   The smooth transitions have the most visual impact on object that are 5 inch big and above (or you print thicker walls in order to compress the transition)

Extrusion temperature range is around 190ºC - 220ºC. Starting recomendation is 200ºC.

Delivered on a 0.75kg (1.65lbs) spool, vacuum-sealed with desiccant.  

Material Specifications
Diameter 1.75mm
Diameter - Nominal 1.73mm
Diameter - Stability 0.03mm
Color Multicolor
Color - Pantone Code
Color - HTML Code
Color - X11/CSS -
Material PLA (Polylactic Acid)
Material - Resin Unknown - most likely esun
Origin - Manufacturing China
Additional Info Biodegradable and CO2 neutral.
Printing Requirements
Extrusion Temperature 190ºC - 230ºC
Bed Preparation Glass, Kapton, Blue Painter Tape. Excellent adhesion to PVAC glue (diluted Elmer glue). A bit difficult to bind on cold untreated blue tape.
Heated Bed 60ºC - 80ºC [optional]
Material Weight 0.75kg (1.6lbs)
Shipping Weight 0.9kg (2.1lbs)

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