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Colorful Drawer Organizers

drawer_fullI finally got to better organize all my tools and small size material. And what's better than coming up with a custom sized solution that can be printed with a 3D-Printer.   These drawer organizers are designed in openscad and can be customized to fit the exact dimension of your tool drawer.   In my case I filled a 32" Craftsman tools chest drawer with 8x4 small boxes.

Drawer Oranizersmosaic

My favorite are the brick red and the turquoise. But in order to use all of those almost empty spools I decided to go with a wild mixture of colors.

Each box has a small label tap at the top which can be used to better label the content.  In addition to that a separator can be added in the middle to make 2 segments of half the size.

The openscad file is available on thingiverse as thing:1068536